Diamond Bloom at Western Spirit - Scottsdale Arts District

Diamond Bloom at Western Spirit

Artist: Curtis Pittman
Completed September 2015

3830 N. Marshall Way
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Project Details

Delicately emerging from the landscape, Diamond Bloom serves as an icon marking the southern edge of Scottsdale’s arts district.Reminiscent of a cactus flower, the sculpture’s radiant changing qualities of light, shadow, and color contribute to its dynamic botanical form. Two upward sweeping arcs converge above creating a passageway to the formal entrance of Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West. The brass panels, dichroic glass fins, and colored lights are strategically placed to produce a luminous colorplay both day and night, reflecting the sparkling energy of life in the West.

Portland artist Curtis Pittman worked with the Phoenix-based company MAGNUM to fabricate this artwork located at Western Spirit, which opened its doors in December 2014 at the former Loloma Transit Station site, becoming an important addition to the arts and culture of downtown Scottsdale. Located across from the Scottsdale Artists’ School and at the south end of Marshall Way, long a recognized gallery district in downtown, the new museum is designed to bridge the old and new west. The museum’s contemporary design by Studio MA houses a traditional western art collection.